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Online Poker Tells Technique

Are you a good liar? If you are particularly charming, or even if you're not, are you able to spot other talented liars? Is there a scientific way to tell if and when someone is lying?

Lying is seemingly as old as our ability to communicate and a moral inconsistency in human nature that has puzzled philosophers and scientists alike for a long time. Possible conclusions to any of the questions above would necessarily invoke some subjects (like politics and religion) that many members of polite society hold very dear to them and don't wish to discuss in mixed company. So, in that aspect, no, there's no single scientific truth-telling formula. Lie detector machines and psychological evaluation can offer, with some consistency, and a fairly accurate system for guessing when someone may be lying, but they are rarely conclusive and often very sensitive to human error.

There are however, many poker players who bet on their ability to spot a liar, gambling against the odds by relying on common sense-based clues, or tells, to read their opponents intentions.

The world of online poker is dependant on this principle and based on the belief that members of the online gaming community are committed to the practices of fair play. Many poker online forums pop up every day and disappear from the Internet just as quickly as they arrived, so it is important to use common sense before acting on every tip or piece of advice that you receive and stick to trusted gaming resources, such as Ultimate bet Poker and the website.

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