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WSOB Players

Henry Fletcher - Isle of Capri Casino Resort Lake Charles, 42

Growing up in Orange TX. Henry knew what it was like to be in the spot light, as one of the few Asian american in the community Henry found it difficult at times. The difficulty however did not slow him down. Although Henry is currently a Process Operator at a chemical plant it's his previous job that henry is banking on to bring home the WSOBJ Championship. At age 21 Henry became a Blackjack dealer, this means Henry knows the game of Blackjack inside and out.

Sheila Taylor - Isle of Capri Casino Resort Lake Charles, 64

"Lead Follow or get the hell out of the way", thats Sheila's life motto and this Grandmother of 3 has done just that. A self made millionaire who has owned tropical store, tattoo parlor, ice-cream shop to name a few. Shelia moved to Biloxi so that she could gamble everyday. Shelia recent re-married to a Preacher.

Paul Haas - Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, 24

"The Assassin" as Paul is know will be playing this World Series of Blackjack by listen to his gut. This construction worker from Twin Cities MN. has yet to be steer wrong by his gut and is hoping it is strong enough to get him through to collect the $1 million check.

Elie Karam - Foxwoods Resort Casino, 52

A Native of Lebanon, Elie moved to the US in 1973 right before the Lebanesse civil war erupted. Elie is know by his pals as "Smiley" and Elie has a lot to smile about as he and his wife recently celebrated their 25th anniversary together in Las Vegas.

Frank Calderone - Foxwoods Resort Casino, 46

This Brooklyn native hasn't moved far from home. Frank now calls Bayside Queens home where he practices his craft as a kitchen designer. When not playing Blackjack or designing kitchens Frank loves baseball. He even played Semi-Pro AA ball when he was younger. Frank knows all about pressure and will be able to deal with whatever the WSOBJ throws at him.
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